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Product Name: PVC tarpaulin
Specifications: 充气产品
Use: 箱包类
Unit Price: ¥RMB
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Detailed introduction:

Have strong tensile strength, tear strength and adhesion strength, color and weight according to customers' requirements.
The (coated, laminated) PVC tarpaulin, depending on the specifications of the fabric can be used to make trucks, trains covered with cloth, awning, tent, etc. It can be added flame-retardant, anti-UV, mildew resistance, cold resistance according to customers' requests. See below application:




1. Truck cover, Top roof and side curtain.
2. Our door event tent (blockout), Awnings.
3. Rain and sunshine shelter, playground.
4. Army tent, carriage tent and house building.
5. Construction structure, Medical Treatment.
6. Sport, Inflatable Fabric, Package.according to customer' requirements







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