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Zepu is a comprehensive enterprise integrating production, sales, design, customization and new technology development of the textile made of the chemical fiber such as nylon taffeta, oxford fabric and polyester taffeta. It is headquartered in Shengze, Jiangsu, a world-famous origin place of the textile industry. As an industrial development center, Shengze has lots of advantages including industrial cluster, associated industries, technical equipment, professional market and investment environment. While accurately aiming at the international market, Zepu continuously promotes the development model and industrial structure optimization, upgrading to its operation model of medium and high-end industrial chain of “raw material- processing- finished product”.

       Zepu is committed to innovation and development of the textile industry, which has brands such as Ploceus and Huize, subsidiaries such as Suzhou Yunqi Textile Co., Ltd. and Vietnam Zepu Import and Export Co., Ltd.and several industrial bases in Ho Chi Minh City, Haiphong City and Nam Dinh. With powerful and professional production team, and advanced and improved management system, the Company is determined to become a well-known brand and most powerful competitor in the textile industry all over the world. Recently, it has implemented the environmental protection concept and strengthened cooperation with customers. In the flourishing textile market, Zepu is your wise choice.


       For many years, employees of Zepu have worked hard, continuously improved the product quality and service level with the quality policies of “being green, superior, efficient, professional and innovative” and strived to maximize the customer satisfaction, employee development and social return. Meanwhile, they stay true to the mission, give thanks to society, improve the brand and build their dreams with originality.


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